Landscapes inherently are banded. There are bands of sky and back, middle and foregrounds. In my painting, Fresh Yellow, the bands are very apparent and I played it up more with a line of clouds and a real dark foreground.

My inspiration for this piece was to depict perspective within the bands. The distant hills have gone to blue. The middle ground has its buildings and trees. Control of the value and color of the buildings depict ones closer or farther away and whether they’re turned. The foreground provided the biggest challenge in that you’re dealing with a light color and needing to depict perspective by color intensity and the size of the marks you make. To get this look I worked in several layers. The first was a wash layer to establish general values followed by a direct layer of yellow mixtures that I produced on my palette. I did it this way so that I could manage value and chroma in the yellow mixtures. I probably could have stopped here but I wasn’t satisfied with the perspective gained from small and smaller brush marks. I finally arrived at a point where I spattered yellow dots for the areas farther away and brush painted the closer ones.