Earlier in my painting career I’d painted this scene in fall colors. It must have stayed with my memories because about five years after the fact I ran across the same image on a new reference photo; hence the title of Local Rural Too. I can’t say enough about the feel and design of our outdoor rural spaces. I guess that’s why I paint them.

“Local Rural Too” is an image with an invitation implied by the road to draw you into the scene and enjoy the environs. I used the complement purple in the road to contrast with the yellow flanking it on either side, as well as using the contrast of the red barn against the green of the grassy field. I like that all the busy-picture elements are collected in the center of the piece because it pulls you in to see how all the little pieces fit together to make a whole.

There are a number of details that I found particularly engaging, including how the open branch tree forms at the horizon, the new-leaf green of the central tree and the almost pure violet (red) of the barn.